Attention: Please check our FAQs below before contacting us.

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This is because your Customer Number (Season Ticket number) or Post Code don`t match up with the information stored for you in our database.

We recommend that you use our online support option below to ask us to confirm your Number and Postcode. When we are online we can do this fairly quickly.

Season Ticket Holders do not need to login to the system.

You do not need to login with an email address and password. You will use your Customer Number and postcode to get direct access to the stream.

Scroll down to the Season Ticket box and enter your Customer ID and Post Code (with or without spaces)

You will then be taken to the Live stream page. Note that it may say offline, if it is more than an hour prior to the stream starting.

In some cases Ipads and some devices indicate an error condition. This is normal OK for iOS, it will be resolved when the stream goes live.

Refer to the Unable to validate your season ticket above.
At the beginning of the season you can update your own postcode on the online ticketing system.

Otherwise contact us on the Support Option on bottom right hand side of this page. This will allow to to send us the information you have and we can update.